A bit of history

Among the beautiful landscapes of the Ulla River in Puente Ulla and Silleda, the capital of the Deza region, there is an old house from 1950, dedicated to agricultural work and that Pedro and Olga decide to buy and dedicate it to the hospitality industry.

The restoration of the house has been carried out trying to maintain the aesthetics of traditional construction and with the intention of creating a space for rest and tranquility. It has been several years of hard work, but today, when we arrive in A Coba, in San Miguel de Castro (A Estrada) we will find Hostal A Quinta Das Maceiras and its large garden, hórreo, swimming pool and a large 10,000-meter farm. squares dedicated to the production of apples for the production of cider, very common in this region. The Codex Calixtino already referred to this product in the area of ​​A Estrada.

We keep looking to the future and with the hope of continuing to grow. We want to contribute to the development of rural areas by integrating and merging tourism with ecological and sustainable agricultural production in a natural environment such as this.

Without a doubt, guests will find in A Quinta das Maceiras a place where they can put aside the day-to-day and connect with nature, the essentials, without forgetting all the comforts that will make your stay a moment unforgettable.

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